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30 Life Changing Quranic
Principles In 30 Days

That was how our mother Aisha (R.A) described the noble character of our Prophet ﷺ

Everything about him ﷺ , from his worship to his leadership, to him facing calamity and success, all of it is what we aspire to be as Muslims,

And if you want to embody that example, look to the book that he embodied.

That’s what this year’s Ramadan360 program is all about!

30 daily sessions led by our world-renowned instructors, exploring how Allah describes the qualities of the ideal Muslim.

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Take Your Relationship
With The Quran To The Next Level!

Based on the passages we’ll be covering in each daily session, this reflection segment gives you the opportunity to practice the art of pondering over the Quran with the expert guidance of Ust Taimiyyah Zubair.

Ustadha Taimiyyah comes from a family of Quran, with both her parents being dedicated scholars to its sciences.

Having studied and taught tafsir with AlMaghrib and other organisations for years, we couldn’t be more excitedly for her to lead our Quran Reflect segment this Ramadan!

The best part is- you don’t need to know arabic to take part!

This is your chance to put theory into practice:

You’ll have guidance on how to ponder over the book of Allah, as well as the opportunity to share your personal reflections Live with your instructor.

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Live Weekly Fatwa Nights:
Only in Ramadan360

  • “Can I break my fast for exams?”
  • “How do I stick to my Ramadan goals on my menses?”
  • “Will my medication break my fast?”

Every year we receive the same questions in the month of Ramadan,

And we want to give you the space to have them answered clearly and simply.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that this Ramadan, we are bringing back our weekly sessions where all your most urgent Ramadan-related questions can be answered.

Join us for Fatwa Nights, with Shaykh Waleed Basyouni and Shaykh Abu Eesa

It’s included when you register for AlMaghrib’s annual Ramadan360 program

Happening LIVE every Sunday this Ramadan

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Experience A 30 Day
AlMaghrib Virtual Course...

We know you’re going to love the experience.

Technology allows for so much that we haven’t been able to do before; shorter class timings over more days, break out rooms, illustrations, demonstrations..and a lot more.

Though taking a seminar at home is super comfortable, sometimes home can be distracting too…so you get access to the recordings for life to return back to again and again.

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Sessions For
The Entire Family

Happening Daily
At 5PM (EST)

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Welcome To Your
Ramadan Community.

Normally this type of launch would be done exclusively within our FaithEssentials Members Portal, but we are sharing access to these DAILY POWERFUL sessions..


Join Us For Ramadan 360:
We’ve got you Covered from Every Angle

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Live access on Zoom to ask the instructor questions during the daily course sessions

Unique portal login for extra resources, bonus material, etc.

Daily give-aways (value of upto $500) for participation in the daily Spin-the-Wheel

Access to recordings of all Ramadan360 Stories of the Quran sessions

A bonus live Q&A and fatwa night during Ramadan

Daily Interactive Qur’anic Reflections With Sh Saad Tasleem

Time Sensitive:

Allah says about Ramadan, “A fixed number of days."

Every day counts. Ramadan 360 will give you the clarity you need to seize each day, and the community support to carry you to your goals.

Though Ramadan Will Still be Different This Year, The Outcome That We Will Be Working Towards, the reward of Fasting and the Forgiveness of Allah, has not changed at all.