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Take Your Relationship
With The Quran To The Next Level!

Based on the passages we’ll be covering in each daily session, this reflection segment gives you the opportunity to practice the art of pondering over the Quran with the expert guidance of Ust Taimiyyah Zubair.

Ustadha Taimiyyah comes from a family of Quran, with both her parents being dedicated scholars to its sciences.

Having studied and taught tafsir with AlMaghrib and other organisations for years, we couldn’t be more excitedly for her to lead our Quran Reflect segment this Ramadan!

The best part is- you don’t need to know arabic to take part!

This is your chance to put theory into practice:

You’ll have guidance on how to ponder over the book of Allah, as well as the opportunity to share your personal reflections Live with your instructor.

Join LIVE everyday inside the Ramadan360 Portal

Starting Monday, March 10th At 5:45PM EST (10:45PM GMT)

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Want to hit the ground running in your salah, dua, fasting, and family experience this Ramadan?

We do too!

To get you prepared for the greatest month of the year, we’re bringing together 4 of AlMaghrib’s elite instructors for a LIVE Online Pre-Ramadan Masterclass:

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